Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Does Your Target Market Want?

Although we might like to believe that people think
of others first, when it comes to your target market
people in general are egocentric and tend to look
out for their own interests first.

Therefore, when you are thinking of your target market
you should think about what your target market wants
or needs.

People generally think, what's in it for me, so when you
are prospecting, think...what's in it for them? How can
my product benefit them?

In order to do this there are three things you should do...
1. Use the product yourself.
2. Talk to others who use the product.
3. Talk to people who use competing products.

Try to figure out what your product offers that a competing
product may not. You must know what the features and
benefits are of your product.

Be benefit oriented when advertising and use the
words YOU not I!

Here are four questions to ask when thinking about what
your prospect wants:
1. What keeps your prospect awake at night?
2. What does your prospect want to avoid?
3. What are your prospect's daily frustrations?
4. What does your prospect desire most?

By asking these types of questions it can help you figure
out how your product or service can help your prospect.
Find out if you have the answer to these questions.

Here is a something to remember when figuring out
what your target market wants:
E2 = O
If you emphasize everything you experience nothing.

So be sure to find out the specific benefits of your product.

Don't focus on all the benefits just choose specific ones
that your target market wants or needs.

Be sure to ask the four questions above in order to figure
out what your target market wants.

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