Monday, June 22, 2009

It's a Gift NOT a Product!

The Million Mind March is a GIFT, not a product. Unlike a product, this gift is something that can NEVER be taken away from you.

Here you will learn Self-Discipline.

Do you want to become a FREE THINKER?

Learn how and why people such as Bono, Oprah, Brad Pitt and Julia Child have created wealth and success for themselves.

Very interesting!

Find out how a meat-truck driver named Joe Schroeder discovered the Amazing Formula of the Wealthy to create his own home-based economy.

Visit the The Million Mind March and see for yourself.

You can get a free book at:

I know you want the GIFT!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Makes You Laugh?

I was on an excellent training call yesterday with the great, Diane Hochman and learned I should be more myself, be more relaxed. Yes, this is something even I have to work on.

I am so used to being serious about work and education, that sometimes I forget to just have a laugh, but there is a part of me that loves to have fun and be silly.

Can you think of the last thing you laughed about that made tears come to your eyes? What do you like to do to have fun?

I love to have fun with my son, honestly he makes me laugh the most. I love to go to the ice cream shop. I often pretend I am treating my son to an ice cream, but the truth is I love 'Gold Medal Ribbon' from Baskin Robbins.

I love going to the zoo to see the amazing animals. We just went with my son's class in May. We might also go to the water park this summer and maybe hit Canada's Wonderland too. Not just for my son, but because I love going too!

These are the things I enjoy. How about you?

Have you Branded Yourself Yet?

Hey, have you started working on your site? Have you started branding yourself yet? If not, it should definitely be on your 'to do' list.

Do you have a site that is offered by the company you work for? Think about it, if you are working for yourself in a home based business, you should have a personal site about you.

Not just about your products. That's not really about you is it? It's about the organization you work for!

I learned it is important to set yourself apart from everyone else, try not to appear like all the others.

What do you have that is different?
Why would others be attracted to you?
What makes you laugh?

This is a great place to begin to brand yourself and start your personal site.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Creating a Successful Business

Do you need to 'Jumpstart' your business? Learn how to
create a successful business using these tips and techniques.

Tips and Techniques

This information has helped me to become more confident
in my business and has changed my mind set.

It can help you too!

Learning to build credibility and trust over time with your prospects is essential. Don't just assume they need what you have to offer.

Try to learn how to get your eyes off yourself and onto your prospect. Find out what your prospect wants, not what you think they want.

Click this link for more 'free' tips from an excellent training source:



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Could You Use a Break?

Do you ever sit there, late at night on the Internet while everyone is in bed, checking out Twitter and Facebook, but you can't figure out why you are not making the amount of money you expected?

Even though you are doing the social media thing and following the advice of your upline, you just can't seem to make your business work.

Never mind the fact that your friends and family avoid you at ALL costs!

Are you no closer to quitting your job and being able to stay home with your kids?

Are you spending hours on the computer, working your
business so you can quit your job, in order to have the
lifestyle and freedom you dream of?

You are not alone...the majority of network marketers
out there feel the same way since no one is telling
them the TRUTH.

If you could use a break and want to learn the TRUTH,
the first step is this Free CD and Report at:
The Million Mind March

Just say Jill Bromwich referred you...

Here is where you will begin to learn the TRUTH and get
the break you deserve.

Also, listen to the free calls every Monday night at 9:27 pm
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Social Media Craze

Social Media is the new marketing 'craze' and if you haven't
decided to market yourself in this way, you certainly should.

First, you should become familiar with this marketing medium.
These sites provide the perfect opportunity for you to meet other
like-minded individuals, network and it's a very important
part of working online.

Another key element of networking is developing 'relationships'
with people online. You can begin to build trust with people by
offering valuable resources and information.

The more 'friends' you make online, the more likely your information
will get into the hands of the people you are looking for. When adding friends, look for people who share a common interest. If you have children, consider adding moms to your list.

Maybe you have health issues you would like to talk about with others.
Also, you can look for people living near you. Adding people with a similar interest is a great place to start.

A great idea is to invite others who currently work from home
and seem to have a successful business!

The following social networking sites are easy to navigate and great places to get to know others who share your views:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Better Networker
  • Linked In

There are many sites you can join to help build your presence online. The important thing is to create your profile and begin getting your name out there!

A site you might like is My Private Classroom.

My Private Classroom, is a training site for home business owners.

They especially help with low cost to no cost marketing ideas. Please put my name down as the referral or you won't be able to join.

So get started today! Start with one site and have fun creating your profile.

If you have further questions I would be happy to help.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are You Positive?

Do you have a positive attitude? Think about it.
Do you get upset when something doesn't go your
way or can you rise up and get past it?

Did you know that your success is related to your
attitude when you listen, communicate and
interact with others?

You might think that your attitude is affected by
your mood, but really it has to do with how you
respond to what happens to you whether it be
positive or negative.

Can you process your thoughts in a positive way despite
the circumstance?

Try by starting each day on the right foot, think, read
or write down something positive. Or share a positive
thought with someone else.

"The act of giving is often the greatest gift of growth we
can give ourselves." Andre Vatke

To help you have a positive attitude please read:
Positive Attitude