Tuesday, July 20, 2010

September - Full Steam Ahead!

September - Full Steam Ahead!
How are you feeling about your business?
Is it a slow time for you?
Are you wondering why and when it will go...

'Full Steam Ahead'

Well consider this:
Have you been focusing on a daily method of operation?
This is necessary for success and will definitely begin to show results!

Remember though it is the middle of SUMMER and things tend to slow down during this season especially in the Network Marketing arena…

However can you even believe that summer is almost half over?
AND September is just around the corner?

School is starting and the kids are heading back to school soon!

So, what are your plans? Start NOW! Don't just wait around for September...

Be ready for September when it gets here by working on your business NOW…
So when September does roll around you will be ahead of the gang.

NOT just starting…

Try looking for people who need something new for September...
Or people who want something to do while their children are busy at school...
Or something for people who are tired of their daily September routine…

So let's get busy and go...

"Full Steam Ahead"

Any questions please feel free to ask me I am glad to help.

I will give tips on a daily method of operation in the next post!!

Sincerely, Jill
Senior Online Synergy Coach

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Successful Business Relationships

Are you Looking for More Success in Your Business?

In order to have success in business you must have successful relationships in general. Just like in your daily relationships, you may find there are people who you do not work well with or connect with in business. However in order to be successful in business you must be able to put these differences aside and concentrate on the business at hand. You should be able to work well with those you associate with in business. Business relationships must be built on trust and common interests in helping others, while providing financial input relative to the unique business.

You will find that people who are successful in business tend to network often and build relationships. This is how they are able to grow a successful business, by communicating with others who are like-minded and can put aside their differences.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Balancing Work and Family Part I and II

Balancing Work and Family-Part II
Business, Family | By: JillAnnBromwich

I previously wrote an article about managing your time while working at home. This seems to be difficult for many people when trying to work at home with family responsibilities as well.

So this here is part two to that article…
I have been working at home for about three years now ever since my son was born. In my opinion, it is the best thing that anyone could imagine! Why would you want to go out to work in that daily commute when you could be home with your family, while bringing in an extra income?

It may sound easy to be home, but it can become very challenging. How can you manage to build your business, while still being able to focus on the children?

I have found that you have to plan ahead. You must have things available for your child to do so that you can focus on your work, but you also need to separate work from family so that you spend quality time with them.

Decide what your priority is for the day. How much work needs to be done? Plan the number emails you will send out or the number of ads you need to post or the number of people you need to talk to per day. Once this is accomplished you can relax and spend quality time with your family, but how do you know the amount of work to be done in order to have a successful home business? It is recommended to do a minimum of five hours per week. To me this is not enough to be successful, however. I would suggest a minimum of ten to fifteen hours.
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Balancing Work and Family-Part I

Balancing work and family life is important, however, it may not be as easy as it sounds. You have the benefits of being at home with your children, but how do you balance this with work and stay focused on what you are doing? Not only are you thinking of what you have to do next, but there is the dreaded chore of housework and meals to make. It takes a lot of self-discipline! You can manage your time in order to handle what distractions might come your way and have the best of both worlds, that of working at home without having a stressful commute. It sounds like the perfect solution.
Here are some tips for managing your time working at home and some ideas of how to do this. It is imperative that you plan ahead and write down your goals. Decide the best times of the day to work and balance these times with your family’s schedule. Your schedule may be different depending on whether you are an early bird or prefer to work at night when the children are in bed. You should have a designated work area and importantly, remember to take breaks so you will work more efficiently.

Your Senior Online Coach

Stupid or Not so Stupid?

Ask a Stupid Question & You will Get a Stupid Answer…Probably Not. Business | By: JillAnnBromwich

I enjoy helping others while working at home. So I help with anything from working online to editing and am always teaching. When I work with you I work with you. I will help you with whatever you need and will answer any question you have no matter how ’stupid’ you think it may be.

AND I will find out the answer for you if I am not 100% sure of it myself. I work with top marketers and have been trained from them. Speaking of which, they are some of the nicest people I have met.

If you are just starting out working online or even if you are a seasoned marketer, no question is ’stupid’ to me…

I will help you…

My husband once told me about a math teacher he had in highschool who made him feel ’stupid’ for asking a math question. Ever since then he has ‘hated’ math. To this day he gets upset with himself when he can’t figure out the answer. So we chatted about it and I found that it was due to this previous teacher who made him feel this way and totally NOT his fault. Could you imagine if the teacher answered the question nicely and professionally. My husband would feel so much better about math today.

Funny enough, now he is a Master Electrician and a Landscape Designer, both requiring lots of math.

Being a teacher myself I cannot imagine making someone feel this way. I don’t care how stupid the question is or if you have asked it ten times, I will answer it. I might remind you of the answer, but will always do it kindly. I would never treat my students that way. To this day when helping adults work online or when tutoring students I treat them with the respect they deserve.

So go ahead, ask me a ’stupid’ question or ask me it one hundred times…

I will help and you probably will NOT get a ’stupid’ answer!

Your Teacher and Friend,

Jill Ann Bromwich

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Jill Ann Bromwich

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being Authentic and Real

Here are some tips about being authentic and real in your business, just like in your every day life.

1. "Practise Makes Perfect!"

The more you practise, the easier it gets! When you know you are being authentic and real with people, it just flows…it becomes natural to you, just like riding a bike.

2. "Become Passionate!"

By trying the products yourself, you become more passionate about them and will find it easier to talk to people. You will also become more passionate about the opportunity or business you are in. Also, you will begin to find it easier to share the opportunity, just like when you are sharing information about a new movie you saw!

3. “Helping Others!”

Helping others is essential in life and business. It makes you feel good to help people and especially makes them feel good. Think about it, they may really need the help and extra income in order to feed their family or spend more time with family.

4. “Don’t Be Selfish!”

Without meaning to sound harsh, it is selfish NOT to share your opportunity and tell people about it. Your business could help people save money, get healthy and/or make money. When looking for representatives don’t worry about losing a customer, think of it as gaining a team. There are always more just around the corner.

5. ”What Goes Around, Comes Around!”

When you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. “What goes around, comes around.”

Be sure to be consistent, whether that means consistently talking to people or having a daily routine.

As your YOUR belief and passion grows, you will attract people like you never have before!!


Jill Ann


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