Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Does Your Target Market Want?

Although we might like to believe that people think
of others first, when it comes to your target market
people in general are egocentric and tend to look
out for their own interests first.

Therefore, when you are thinking of your target market
you should think about what your target market wants
or needs.

People generally think, what's in it for me, so when you
are prospecting, think...what's in it for them? How can
my product benefit them?

In order to do this there are three things you should do...
1. Use the product yourself.
2. Talk to others who use the product.
3. Talk to people who use competing products.

Try to figure out what your product offers that a competing
product may not. You must know what the features and
benefits are of your product.

Be benefit oriented when advertising and use the
words YOU not I!

Here are four questions to ask when thinking about what
your prospect wants:
1. What keeps your prospect awake at night?
2. What does your prospect want to avoid?
3. What are your prospect's daily frustrations?
4. What does your prospect desire most?

By asking these types of questions it can help you figure
out how your product or service can help your prospect.
Find out if you have the answer to these questions.

Here is a something to remember when figuring out
what your target market wants:
E2 = O
If you emphasize everything you experience nothing.

So be sure to find out the specific benefits of your product.

Don't focus on all the benefits just choose specific ones
that your target market wants or needs.

Be sure to ask the four questions above in order to figure
out what your target market wants.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do You Have What it Takes?

Network marketing takes knowledge and patience. One piece of advice is to recruit those whom recruit.

If you continuously recruit opportunity seekers, they tend to remain opportunity seekers. They never learn how to become business owners. Therefore it is not a good idea to sponsor opportunity seekers; if you do your business may not continue to grow.

Opportunity seekers tend to get excited about making lots of money, but they don't realize that it takes time and effort on their part. As soon as they are faced with a problem in network marketing like someone saying 'no' to them they tend to back down and even drop out without trying very hard.

They do not know what it takes to become a business owner or have the staying power to succeed. It takes time and effort to grow your network marketing business, just like any other business.

So I recommend sponsoring business people. Those who have what it takes to succeed. Do you have what it takes or want to learn more?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Balance Business and Family

It is often difficult to find a balance in one's life when
it comes to working at home and family responsibility.

In order to achieve success in any business there must
be a goal and plans to achieve the goal. Consistent,
daily action helps to keep you focused on the goal
and get closer to it. It often helps to work backwards.

Start with the end result, which is the goal whether long
or short term and then make the daily plans around it.

When focusing on your business it can be difficult to get
everything done while taking care of a family too. So there
must be a balance. Decide what is the most important for
you. You could fill up a calendar with family plans like
birthdays, piano lessons, or hockey games, for example
and then plan your business schedule around this.

It certainly helps to have a calendar to look at, a schedule
and a journal to help keep you organized.

If you find that you are becoming overwhelmed, there may
be lack of a realistic plan. Once you decide what is urgent
then you can plan around this and make a consistent, daily
plan of action. That way you can relax when you know
everything is taken care of.

Your plan might include writing one blog per day and
calling five prospects per day, but be sure it is consistent.

If you have a consistent, daily plan of action and know that
your family is taken care of, you will be able to focus on the
business task at hand and achieve success.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Open Minded

It is important to leverage your information from prospects.
However leveraging is a skill.

Make sure you have a degree of credibility established and
when you make a call be sure to introduce yourself by saying
who you are and what you do.

Don't make the mistake of misleading your prospects and
manipulating them.

You need to qualify them and find out why they are interested
in working from home. Find out how much time they have
to devote to this and what type of budget they have available
without increasing debt.

By qualifying a prospect you get a feel for if they fit in your
business. Again don't manipulate them. If they don't qualify
understand that you may not have something for them.

Don't get discouraged, be open minded and open your
prospect's mind.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Five Essential Foundations of a Company

After having spent quite a number of years in Network
Marketing, I realize there are many people being mislead
into believing they will make a lot of money within a
short period of time and without doing much work.

While they may not be mislead intentionally, I do believe
it is the responsibility of each of us to investigate a company
prior to joining.

Ultimately, we are the ones who are signing on the dotted
line. Most honest companies will tell you to expect
3 to 5 years to see any significant income with effort.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, success does not happen
overnight. Many of the successful people in Network Marketing
have had years of experience and brought their downlines
from other companies with them, giving them leverage
when it comes to advancements and promotions.

Here are five specific things you should look at prior to
joining any company. This will help in determining
the structure and how solid the foundation of the
company is:

1. Examine the Integrity of the Company - This is by
far the most important part of joining any business
opportunity. Be sure to read the contract. Often people
fail to read the entire contract and the companies
realize this so may include negative parts of the policies
in the middle to latter part of the agreement. When you
are reading through your contract, take time and have
someone read it over with you if necessary.

2. Timing in the Industry - Be sure to find out if the
company has consistent growth. The company should
be at least 2 to 4 years old.

3. Great Products Priced Right - Does the product line
have many people that have a need for the product you
are trying to market?

4. Compensation Plan - When asked how much network
marketers would like to make on a monthly basis, the
typical response is $10,000.00. What is your goal?
Find out in advance exactly how many people you are
going to need to create a residual income of the amount
of money you desire. Keep in mind, the average number
of people recruited by any person is 2.7 people.

5. The System - It is quite important that there be a
duplicatable system in place. If there is no system, your
business will not grow. The goal is to bring highly effective
people together who can grow the business.

While the Network Marketing industry is an amazing
vehicle to create wealth from the comfort of your own
home, be careful.

Do your homework. Don't just jump in blindly without
doing the research. It's so important to find a company
that you can be proud of, knowing that you can introduce
others to it and nobody will get hurt or be mislead.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Creating Goals and Success

Goals are essential if you want to be successful in anything
you do. When you are developing your goals they should be
realistic. You might wish for ten thousand dollars per month,
but this is not realistic, certainly not starting out in a business.

A goal is a clearly defined plan of action and it must be effective.

For example a goal might be talking to ten people per day or
writing one article per day. A wish is something you long for
that might or might not be realistic.

When planning your goals you should expect success.

In other words expect to achieve these goals and be successful
in your business.

Make the goals achievable within a certain timeframe. Your
timeframe can be within a week, a month or even a year.

Believing that you will succeed is important in order to get
you through the rough times.

You want to be successful in your business, as we all do,
but did you realize that 97% of businesses fail?

So if you want to start out on the right foot it helps to have
a supportive environment. Don't give up if you want to be
successful. Many people give up too soon and may not have
the motivation required to be successful.

Realize that there may be rocks to climb and bridges to cross,
but you will get there eventually. Having a successful business
will not always mean a smooth ride.

A can-do attitude helps, in other words believing in yourself
and knowing you can do it, as well as having support from
friends, family and a strong team.