Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's NOT You!

So I wanted to write and let you know it's not you. You are not the reason that you may be failing in mlm. There are so many reasons why mlm is difficult. Think about the people at the top of these multi-million dollar organizations. Imagine how they do it. They have teams and friends that move with them from company to company, so of course they can make the money. The money that people talk about in mlm. There are very few people who are making the kind of money you believe you can make in mlm.

Now that being said, you CAN do it with help. You can do it with determination. You can do it with motivation. AND patience!! Lots of patience!!

Many people ACT like they are making it in mlm, but really it's a facade.
They are actually told to "ACT as IF and Go as THOUGH!"

This however is excellent advice.

Act as if you are making it and are successful and go as if you are! This will help to give you the right kind of mindset. Be positive!

Don't let the negative thoughts overcome you. Once the negative thoughts set in and take over, you are DONE!

So be positive and believe you can do it. Act as if you are doing it and you will...EVENTUALLY!

Here is some advice to help you succeed:
1. ASK for help!
2. Get support from your upline!
3. Don't take NO for an answer!
4. Choose a company that you believe in!
5. Research the company FIRST!
6. Choose a company with products that you can use!
7. Choose a company that has a relevant target market!
8. Choose a company with an EXCELLENT compensation plan!

I personally always believe a health company will work. However, there is much competition out there with health companies. So be choosy and make sure they have an excellent compensation plan.

Finally ASK for help! Ask for help! Ask for help!

Whether you need help with blogging, editing, choosing the right business or getting help with organizaton while working at home...etc. I can help so please feel free to ask.

Contact me at: 905-859-0340 or via skype: jillannbromwich

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do You Get Discouraged?

So you are working on a business and trying to make it work.
But it's NOT working. You wonder why and try to figure it out.
Do you need a blog, a website, or more friends?

What do you do?

Well, first of all, yes it is a good idea to have all of the above...
blog; website; friends

But this all has to be natural, you can't force anyone to do anything...
ultimately it has to be their decision. So the best way to do this
is to improve your relationships

Focus on communication not your own satisfaction...and it will come.
It may take awhile however.

Remember the ones who are making it 'big' in the network marketing industry
often bring their entire downlines with them from program to program.

While you may be starting from scratch...
I can help you with this. To make friends online; start or work on your blog
or even help you create a website.

So if you need help just ask! I have always said, the first step is helping others.

"To the degree you help others is to the degree you will get help in return..."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Do you know how to keep your new year's resolution? You may be surprised, but not many people even make a new year's resolution, let alone keep it. Although it may be difficult to make a new year's resolution, I recommend you do. If you do take the first step to make a resolution then don't stop there.

You just need to know how to keep your new year's resolution.

So, here are some tips to help you keep your new year's resolution...

First, decide what your new year's resolution will be. You may have many, but choose the most important one to you and focus on that one. This way you will have more motivation to actually keep it.

Second, once you have decided what your new year's resolution should be, write it down! By writing it down, this will help you to keep your new year's resolution. It is easy to say oh I am going to lose weight this year; or I am going to make lots of money this year; or I am going to spend more time with my family; or I am going to smile more this year. But to actually do it, is another story.

Third, once you have written it down, read it over and over again. Read it daily and even hang it up or frame it. This will help you to focus on it and remember it daily. It will make it real; not just something you hope will happen.

One suggestion is to buy a journal and write down your new year's resolution in it. You can write it down over and over again to help you remember it. Journals are also great for writing general things down that may just 'pop' into your mind that you don't want to forget.

*Then make your plan as to how you want to achieve this goal or resolution...

By just making a new year's resolution, this shows that you are looking toward your future and you have some kind of goal. It shows that you are not simply satisfied with the day to day routine and boredom. By making a new year's resolution you are showing that you want to better yourself.

This is important!

I believe everyone should want to better themselves and do something positive for their future. This shows determination and motivation.

It also shows you want to be successful.

A great resolution is to change your mind, change your attitude and change your outlook!

Expand your thoughts and grow your mind!

Happy New Year! To your success in 2011!
Jill Ann Bromwich

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Remember Your Business, while Getting Ready for the Holidays.

It's time to celebrate and get ready for the holidays again. How exciting! There are houses to decorate, trees to put up and lots of food to be made; baking to be done. Plus, of course visiting with friends and family. So what do you do about your business during this busy time?

Well, for one thing remember, most everyone is doing some kind of celebrating, but there are still some who you may be able to connect with and find via social media. There are some people still working out there 24/7. As we know also, people are generally using social media like Facebook and Twitter throughout the holidays to communicate with friends and family. So you can as well...

The holidays are a time to relax and wind down, while getting ready for the new year ahead. So you will find there is not as much going on, but you can still make your business a success. Be out there when you have a chance and keep your business going. You don't want to fall too far behind, as you will find it more difficult to get back on track in the new year.

Always remember to stay one step ahead and you will feel better. This will result in less stress and less to do when everyone else is trying to rush to get back to work. You will be one step ahead.

Some things you might consider doing during the holidays include: writing blogs; adding friends; sending emails; and communicating with others daily. If you need help with writing blogs or any of the above, be sure to ask.

While out celebrating, this generally involves communicating with friends and family. This is a time when you can chat and ask them how things are going. Ask them how their business is and how things are for them. Always be sure to keep it light. Remember you want to always be there to help others.

So if you are wondering about how to keep your business going during the holidays, try doing something daily, but be sure to have a wonderful and exciting holiday season.

All the best to everyone!
Expert Author

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Helping Others By Jill Ann Bromwich

I was watching a video today of an individual whom I have incredible respect for and admiration.

He manages a large group of people and has a very high profile position in the army. I was watching a video of him talking with young students. Now aside from him having an important position, he took the time out of his busy day to talk to students. This made me even more impressed.

As a teacher myself, I have incredible respect for children and anyone who chooses to help them in any way. So this man spoke to the class and taught them about leadership, values and things that are really important in life.

He mentioned how important it is to be able to work as a team. This is so true, it is important to be able to put aside your own wishes to be able to work with others and help out each other. Each person in the team is important in order to accomplish certain tasks.

Although we like to think we can do it all on our own, we do need people to rely on, to help us and to succceed as a whole.

But one of the most important things this person spoke about was helping others. The best part of being a leader is taking care of people, he said. This is so true. We need to take care of each other, be supportive and help each other.

An example of leaders are teachers. They are leaders and are responsible to take care of their students. They help people every single day.

As a teacher myself and an online coach I completely agree...the most important part of being a leader is taking care of people and helping others.

So be sure to ask for help from me anytime and if you would like to learn more about coaching or being a coach, please visit:

Sincerely, Jill

More Blogging Tips - "Establishing" - by Jill Ann Bromwich

Here are more blogging tips for you, as promised...

I like to establish plans and goals, so that is why I am basing more blogging tips on "Establishing", in other words, you should establish how you want to set up your blog and what it will be based upon even before you begin to write your first blog.

1. Establishing Goals...
Be sure you know what you want to write about. Is your blog based on a product or service? Do you want to write for fun or is it a business-related blog?

2. Establishing an Audience...
Figure out who you are writing to, because this will help you decide how to write and what to write. If you have a younger audience then they might expect something fun, while if your audience is more of a business professional then they might prefer something business related and to the point.

The type of audience may also depend on what your goals are...

3. Establishing Consistency...
As I mentioned in my previous blog, you should try writing a blog at least once a week. In the beginning though when starting your blog, try writing more often than that in order to establish an audience and gain reader loyalty...

4. Establishing a Style of Writing...
Once you decide who your audience is you can choose a style of writing that works for that type of audience. Or you may have your own flair for writing, which is great, just go with it!

5. Establishing a Network...
It is a good idea to find like-minded bloggers and friends out there so that you can comment on their blogs and they can do the same. This will help to get you known on the Internet. Also be sure to use social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc.

If you need help with blogging, social media, etc...please feel free to ask, that is what I am here for!

So when you want to establish your blog and need help, just ask!!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Blogging Tips by Jill Ann Bromwich

I thought I better leave a note here with some blogging tips, since I have been slacking off lately with my blogging, ooops.

Oh well, that's the nice thing about blogging, you can write blogs whenever you feel like writing and when you get an inspiration for a blog. Really you can write a blog anytime...

A blogging tip that is recommended:

1. To write blogs at least once a week, which many social networkers might suggest or even daily if you can manage the time.

Another Tip:

2. You know, when blogging, the blog doesn't have to be like writing a book, as a matter of fact it is much better to write a couple of paragraphs per blog, rather than a big, long article, which your readers might not bother to read or even have time to read.

The Third Tip:

3. A suggestion is to make shorter sentences, not long ones. That way the reader can stay focused.

Tip Number Four:

4. Also, be sure to separate the paragraphs so blogs are easier to read and not as straining on the reader's eyes.

Tip Number Five:

5. Another blogging tip is to use ... (dot, dot, dot), as this keeps the reader interested and wanting to know what comes next...

These are just some blogging tips from me. Be sure to look for more to follow...
Have fun blogging and if you have any questions please ask!

Also, feel free to go to CoachingWithJill and take advantage of the free basic coaching program.

Thank you, Jill