Saturday, April 4, 2009

Five Essential Foundations of a Company

After having spent quite a number of years in Network
Marketing, I realize there are many people being mislead
into believing they will make a lot of money within a
short period of time and without doing much work.

While they may not be mislead intentionally, I do believe
it is the responsibility of each of us to investigate a company
prior to joining.

Ultimately, we are the ones who are signing on the dotted
line. Most honest companies will tell you to expect
3 to 5 years to see any significant income with effort.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, success does not happen
overnight. Many of the successful people in Network Marketing
have had years of experience and brought their downlines
from other companies with them, giving them leverage
when it comes to advancements and promotions.

Here are five specific things you should look at prior to
joining any company. This will help in determining
the structure and how solid the foundation of the
company is:

1. Examine the Integrity of the Company - This is by
far the most important part of joining any business
opportunity. Be sure to read the contract. Often people
fail to read the entire contract and the companies
realize this so may include negative parts of the policies
in the middle to latter part of the agreement. When you
are reading through your contract, take time and have
someone read it over with you if necessary.

2. Timing in the Industry - Be sure to find out if the
company has consistent growth. The company should
be at least 2 to 4 years old.

3. Great Products Priced Right - Does the product line
have many people that have a need for the product you
are trying to market?

4. Compensation Plan - When asked how much network
marketers would like to make on a monthly basis, the
typical response is $10,000.00. What is your goal?
Find out in advance exactly how many people you are
going to need to create a residual income of the amount
of money you desire. Keep in mind, the average number
of people recruited by any person is 2.7 people.

5. The System - It is quite important that there be a
duplicatable system in place. If there is no system, your
business will not grow. The goal is to bring highly effective
people together who can grow the business.

While the Network Marketing industry is an amazing
vehicle to create wealth from the comfort of your own
home, be careful.

Do your homework. Don't just jump in blindly without
doing the research. It's so important to find a company
that you can be proud of, knowing that you can introduce
others to it and nobody will get hurt or be mislead.

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