Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogging Tips

A blog is similar to a personal journal or diary, but it is online. In a blog you can express yourself by sharing your thoughts, goals and dreams. A blog is like your own website that is updated on an ongoing basis. The word blog is actually a short form of the word weblog and the two words are used interchangeably.

Blogging is now considered a hobby and every day millions of people, with or without technical ability, write on their blogs. There are been many helpful tools for people to write blogs. With basic instructions you can write your blog. Through the Internet, bloggers are able to reach thousands of people everyday.

Let’s first discuss what you will need for your blog.

First you need software that will run your blog. Programs for blogs are similar to Microsoft Word that you use to create and read text documents. Blog programs allow you to write and publish a blog.

The second thing you need is a place on the Internet to put your blog. You will need a URL, which is an address for your blog so people will be able to find you. This is called "hosting".

You can choose to use a free blog site like Blogger or a paid one. With a paid site you will just get fewer features than what a paid site offers. If you use a paid site you can have more than one author on your. Sometimes in a free site you will find the host puts advertising on your blog. It is a good idea to try the free sites first to start blogging and see how you like it.

Once you signup for a Blogger account you are on your way.

You will need to create your account and then name your blog. Choose a name that represents what your blog will be about or make one using your full name. It is a good idea to have one with your name, as this begins to show you as a leader in your industry.

The next step is choosing a template. There are many amazing templates out there to choose from or you can use the ones supplied on Blogger or Yola. Just click on the top tab where it says template and you will see the free ones to choose from. Click right on the one you like. You will be able to see an example of it with your blog title in place.

Then you can start your first blog. You will want to have a page titled ‘about me’ and be sure to have a small paragraph about you so that people can get to know you from your blog.

There is a place to include your picture, which is again recommended so that people can put a face to the blog writer, so to speak.

Remember to have any pertinent information above the fold, as this is what people will see when they open your link. Some may or may not continue to scroll down, so you want them to see something above the fold that will keep them on your page including a picture of yourself if you choose.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where Do I Find Leads?

As I mentioned in the previous blog, often your upline wants you to bring them leads that they will call with you, they say they will help you, but if you don't have leads for them...well they don't seem to be around...

...And when you do find leads, what happens if your upline isn't there to answer the questions that the leads may have?

Well, let's start with finding leads in the first place.
This may not be an easy task for many reasons:

1. There are many people who aren't interested in what you have to offer.
2. They don't want to be bothered.
3. They are too busy.
4. They don't have the money to join.
5. They don't trust the business or you for that matter.

...and the list goes on...

Anyhow, where are the people that might be interested? They can be found online, but it takes some work, they will not just come to must go to them.

So, what I suggest is first building your lists online. You need to have somewhat of a following online in order to even be noticed. Getting noticed by your followers is another issue that we will discuss next.

But first let's build a following...

Let's start with Twitter and Facebook. They are by far the first most important networking sites to be on. There are many hidden ones where you can find network marketers, but starting out...begin at Twitter and Facebook.

This blog will focus on Twitter and Facebook will be discussed in the next blog.

1. Twitter Following:
Add, add and add more people. To do this just click on the square with the plus sign on the far right. Keep adding... I suggest adding people that are in network marketing already and are known in the industry. This makes you appear to also be an avid network marketer with many friends in the industry. Try adding people who may seem interested in what you are offering as well, but in general just keep adding people. What will happen is, you will start being noticed on your "following" and "follower'" pages and then their followers will start adding you too. This helps your list to grow and grow...

But don't think that 1,000, 2,000 or even 5,000 people is a large list; there are lists out there of over 10,000 and even 20,000 people for that keep adding people daily. The daily limit of Twitter is about 250.

2. Twitter Retweets:Retweeting on Twitter is a great way to build a following also. This gets you 'out there' and noticed by more people than you realize. When you retweet and post something that you like or that you find interesting, others may feel the same way and begin to notice you. By getting noticed this will also increase your followers, as people will continue to add you.

To Retweet, you can copy and paste the phrase you want to Retweet, but be sure to put 'RT' before the name of the person's 'tweet'.
For example: RT @ Jillblue (Retweet goes here...)

So when you are busy adding people on Twitter, people are also busy adding you, thus increasing those you are "following" and those who are following you, your "followers".

You could try acting as a leader in the industry, build your own sites and help others, but there are only a few real 'gurus' in the industry and the competition is getting tough out there, not to scare

It is suggested to have your own blog and get it out there as much as possible. This will also get you noticed. Blogging will be featured in another blog of mine...

I do agree with trying to stand out online and be yourself and really the only way to standout, since so many things have been done online is to BE YOURSELF!

Think about what is unique about you...what makes you, YOU?

If you have further questions feel free to contact me here or at:


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Down to the Basics

Everyone out there tells you about SEO and CEO and what to do about your business.

But what about the basics?

What do you need to know to get your business going or get into gear when you are just starting out?

Are you looking for help from your upline, but need more support?

Well, I would like to help you with that...

Sometimes your upline thinks that you should do the work, contact them and do more work. You should find the leads on your own and let them know so they can do a three-way call with you or talk to your prospects to complete the signup.

But, does this work in theory? They don't help until you bring them people...but you need people first!

They tell you when you find someone they will help, but do they help you find people in the first place?

Often that is what is needed...

People are still told to go to their 'warm market' first (family and friends)...but what if you don't want to bother your family and friends?

Well, they tell you, if you think you are bothering your family and friends you don't understand the products or the business. You need more belief in the products or whatever is being offered.

So what can help with this?

As far as finding leads, there are many ways to go about it, which I will explain in the following blog.

But for now...let's talk about family and friends.

As far as family and friends, I have had my share of 'bothering them' They are used to me telling about my businesses, but they still do not completely understand.

I do not pressure them in anyway and have finally learned not to go to them anymore. Well, except my mom, she has been the ultimate in supporting me!

So, don't let your upline make you feel like you must be pushy or that you have to go to your 'warm market' at all!

But, if you choose to contact family and friends, do so in a round about way. Don't come right out and say, "Hey, join my business!"

Consider a more subtle approach, like:
"I just found out how to make an extra income while being home with the family."
"I was at the store today and realized how lucky I am to work at home."

Try listening to people and find out what their issues are, then try to help them...always look for ways to help others:
"I found out about a new drink that helped my friend lose weight..."
"I just found out about a wonderful skincare line that is natural too..."
"I tried this amazing chocolate that is a probiotic too..."
"I finally found a supportive system in my business, where I am not alone..."
"I found out how to make money at home, so I can spend more time with my family..."

Then let them start asking questions and open the door so you don't feel like you are bothering them, but that you are answering their questions.

Who knows, they just might be interested!

What I suggest is to do some of each, build your lists online and chat offline if you are comfortable with it.

As far as list building and acquiring leads, please stay tuned for my next blog!

If you have any questions about your business, or are looking for a good team, please feel free to write to me at: or