Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Success is in Your Hands

What do you think about your current business? Is it going forward and as successful as you want it to be, or is it falling behind?

Are you happy with your business or disappointed? Is it what you expected?

Are you looking to your sponsor for support and they are nowhere to be found? They are not even returning your calls?

What does the missing sponsor syndrome mean to you? The missing sponsor syndrome might mean simply that your sponsor is missing. You signed up with a sponsor whom you thought was terrific, you felt connected to this person, but now they are not returning your calls and you are feeling misled and disappointed.

Do you think you should be keeping up with the Jones' so to speak and placing $5,000.00 ads or designing postcards like your sponsor, but feel you can't afford it right now?

But think about it...is your success dependent upon your sponsor?

The truth is you don't have to do what your sponsor is doing, you just have to keep up with you. You must have the confidence in yourself to see yourself as a success. Make your goals and plans now for your success.

Your success is NOT dependent upon your sponsor it is dependent upon YOU! So the cure for the missing sponsor syndrome is you.

Don't put your success in the hands of others. Gain the experience and confidence in yourself, then the success will come.

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