Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Balance Business and Family

It is often difficult to find a balance in one's life when
it comes to working at home and family responsibility.

In order to achieve success in any business there must
be a goal and plans to achieve the goal. Consistent,
daily action helps to keep you focused on the goal
and get closer to it. It often helps to work backwards.

Start with the end result, which is the goal whether long
or short term and then make the daily plans around it.

When focusing on your business it can be difficult to get
everything done while taking care of a family too. So there
must be a balance. Decide what is the most important for
you. You could fill up a calendar with family plans like
birthdays, piano lessons, or hockey games, for example
and then plan your business schedule around this.

It certainly helps to have a calendar to look at, a schedule
and a journal to help keep you organized.

If you find that you are becoming overwhelmed, there may
be lack of a realistic plan. Once you decide what is urgent
then you can plan around this and make a consistent, daily
plan of action. That way you can relax when you know
everything is taken care of.

Your plan might include writing one blog per day and
calling five prospects per day, but be sure it is consistent.

If you have a consistent, daily plan of action and know that
your family is taken care of, you will be able to focus on the
business task at hand and achieve success.

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