Thursday, April 2, 2009

Creating Goals and Success

Goals are essential if you want to be successful in anything
you do. When you are developing your goals they should be
realistic. You might wish for ten thousand dollars per month,
but this is not realistic, certainly not starting out in a business.

A goal is a clearly defined plan of action and it must be effective.

For example a goal might be talking to ten people per day or
writing one article per day. A wish is something you long for
that might or might not be realistic.

When planning your goals you should expect success.

In other words expect to achieve these goals and be successful
in your business.

Make the goals achievable within a certain timeframe. Your
timeframe can be within a week, a month or even a year.

Believing that you will succeed is important in order to get
you through the rough times.

You want to be successful in your business, as we all do,
but did you realize that 97% of businesses fail?

So if you want to start out on the right foot it helps to have
a supportive environment. Don't give up if you want to be
successful. Many people give up too soon and may not have
the motivation required to be successful.

Realize that there may be rocks to climb and bridges to cross,
but you will get there eventually. Having a successful business
will not always mean a smooth ride.

A can-do attitude helps, in other words believing in yourself
and knowing you can do it, as well as having support from
friends, family and a strong team.

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