Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Helping Others By Jill Ann Bromwich

I was watching a video today of an individual whom I have incredible respect for and admiration.

He manages a large group of people and has a very high profile position in the army. I was watching a video of him talking with young students. Now aside from him having an important position, he took the time out of his busy day to talk to students. This made me even more impressed.

As a teacher myself, I have incredible respect for children and anyone who chooses to help them in any way. So this man spoke to the class and taught them about leadership, values and things that are really important in life.

He mentioned how important it is to be able to work as a team. This is so true, it is important to be able to put aside your own wishes to be able to work with others and help out each other. Each person in the team is important in order to accomplish certain tasks.

Although we like to think we can do it all on our own, we do need people to rely on, to help us and to succceed as a whole.

But one of the most important things this person spoke about was helping others. The best part of being a leader is taking care of people, he said. This is so true. We need to take care of each other, be supportive and help each other.

An example of leaders are teachers. They are leaders and are responsible to take care of their students. They help people every single day.

As a teacher myself and an online coach I completely agree...the most important part of being a leader is taking care of people and helping others.

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Sincerely, Jill

More Blogging Tips - "Establishing" - by Jill Ann Bromwich

Here are more blogging tips for you, as promised...

I like to establish plans and goals, so that is why I am basing more blogging tips on "Establishing", in other words, you should establish how you want to set up your blog and what it will be based upon even before you begin to write your first blog.

1. Establishing Goals...
Be sure you know what you want to write about. Is your blog based on a product or service? Do you want to write for fun or is it a business-related blog?

2. Establishing an Audience...
Figure out who you are writing to, because this will help you decide how to write and what to write. If you have a younger audience then they might expect something fun, while if your audience is more of a business professional then they might prefer something business related and to the point.

The type of audience may also depend on what your goals are...

3. Establishing Consistency...
As I mentioned in my previous blog, you should try writing a blog at least once a week. In the beginning though when starting your blog, try writing more often than that in order to establish an audience and gain reader loyalty...

4. Establishing a Style of Writing...
Once you decide who your audience is you can choose a style of writing that works for that type of audience. Or you may have your own flair for writing, which is great, just go with it!

5. Establishing a Network...
It is a good idea to find like-minded bloggers and friends out there so that you can comment on their blogs and they can do the same. This will help to get you known on the Internet. Also be sure to use social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc.

If you need help with blogging, social media, etc...please feel free to ask, that is what I am here for!

So when you want to establish your blog and need help, just ask!!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Blogging Tips by Jill Ann Bromwich

I thought I better leave a note here with some blogging tips, since I have been slacking off lately with my blogging, ooops.

Oh well, that's the nice thing about blogging, you can write blogs whenever you feel like writing and when you get an inspiration for a blog. Really you can write a blog anytime...

A blogging tip that is recommended:

1. To write blogs at least once a week, which many social networkers might suggest or even daily if you can manage the time.

Another Tip:

2. You know, when blogging, the blog doesn't have to be like writing a book, as a matter of fact it is much better to write a couple of paragraphs per blog, rather than a big, long article, which your readers might not bother to read or even have time to read.

The Third Tip:

3. A suggestion is to make shorter sentences, not long ones. That way the reader can stay focused.

Tip Number Four:

4. Also, be sure to separate the paragraphs so blogs are easier to read and not as straining on the reader's eyes.

Tip Number Five:

5. Another blogging tip is to use ... (dot, dot, dot), as this keeps the reader interested and wanting to know what comes next...

These are just some blogging tips from me. Be sure to look for more to follow...
Have fun blogging and if you have any questions please ask!

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Thank you, Jill