Friday, September 18, 2009

Ins and Outs of Network Marketing

I have been with many network marketing companies.
I have much experience with the ins and outs of the business.

Did you know that you don't need to talk to friends and family;
make so many three-way calls; or always listen to your upline
who keeps telling you to do the same thing and it will work EVENTUALLY...?

Don't always talk to people who are not interested in building a business.
You want to talk to people who know what they are doing. Network
marketing is sometimes like the blind leading the blind.

Really the people you need to talk to are those like:

Donald Trump...who know what they are talking about!

Here are some levels of growing your business that might help!

Level 1 = Learning how to grow your own business...

a) Prospecting does not mean phoning someone at starts
with who YOU even want to talk to. You have to think about who YOUR
ideal prospect is, so try getting inside your prospect's mind.

What are their wants, needs and desires?

Think about the person's age or stage in life.
What's going to grab their attention?

b) Next think about their concerns...
Someone who wants to lose weight for example, is worried that if they
lose weight they don't want to put it back on again.

They are looking for a solution.

c) The presentation is important once you have a target market. You
should develop a presentation that solves a person's problem and tells
them how to do it. Try speaking directly to the person and help them
find a solution.

Don't keep talking about the opportunity...

The person is interested in you and how you can help them.

d) Next is closing...
Your responsibility as a closer is to help the person make a definite
decision whether it is yes or no and make sure they leave knowing why
they made that decision.

Make sure you take the time to care about them.
They will appreciate it!

e) You don'have to over qualify! Isn't it better to have:
20% to 40% of 100 people not 100% of only 1 person?

f) Next think: Are they a good fit? Do we get along?
Remember to think about yourself and what kind of team you want.
For example you probably don't want someone who doesn't have a
credit card and the want or need to build a business unless you want
a customer base as well.

Level 2 = Leverage Plan, Team and Time

a) You need to know the compensation plan to know where to place
people in your business and to know how to maximize the plan.

b) You should learn how to teach people to be independent leaders, that
way the three-way calls significantly reduce and you can spend your
time more positively.

c) Learn how to grow your income month after month.

d) It is a god idea to have a 30 day action plan showing people how to
add people daily without having to speak to friends and family. You want
to teach people how to grow a business so that you only have to manage
a few people in your top line and they can then manage their people.

e) You need to continue enrolling your team sees that your
business won't just grow on it's own, it does take work.

f) Remember you need to manage a family, business, and free time. You
need to learn how to balance your business. If you spend all your time
growing your business you won't have the family in the end to share
your success with, on the other hand if you don't grow your business
you won't find the success you have been looking for.

Level 3 = Working Online: Learn how to generate leads effectively.

a) Try being ahead of the game, if you spend $100 and make $300
then you are ahead.

b) Effective Sales Copy on your site is essential so learn how to use it to
get what you want...

c) If you use a company website you might get 1 for every 300 people, but
with your own website as an expert, you may sign up 30 for every 300!

Learn how to drive traffic to your site:

a) Pay per click - Google, Yahoo
b) SEO - Search Engine Optimization
c) Web 2.0 - Trading Time for Money

Make it happen! After all this...
You may even decide network marketing is not for you, so...

Here are some things to think about...
a) If you don't plan to spend 10 hours a week, your business won't grow.
b) You need to invest or your business won't grow.
c) You need to learn how to build teams properly.
d) Don't reinvent the wheel.
e) Get proper guidance from the experts.
f) Follow a proven system.

For further advice and training please feel free to ask me!


Jill Ann Bromwich

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