Friday, September 4, 2009

Online Advertising Ideas

Help with Online Advertising...

1. Brand Yourself
It is recommended to brand yourself and not just focus on advertising the company sites. Get your name out there and have your own website. If you are unsure about making a website just ask, there is so much help available for website design. I would be glad to help as well, as I have worked on my own personal sites.

2. Put Yourself in Their Shoes
People do not like to be sold. They like to believe they are the ones making the decision whether to buy or not to buy. Or whether to join a company or not. Offer the customer benefits to them. Think about the potential customer or business will they benefit from your products or services. Put yourself in their shoes.

Here are some questions you might consider when thinking about them:

a) Does it fulfill a need?
b) Does it fit their current lifestyle?
c) How will it benefit them healthwise or moneywise?
d) Will it benefit them in the future?

3. Don't Push
Rather than putting your sales link up everywhere. Have your link somewhere in the background where people can find it. Don't push it on them, let them browse and find the information. Once you have a personal blog or site you should definitely put your company links there so that they are accessible. don't want to push the company you want to portray yourself as the expert and available to offer help where needed.

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