Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Dreaded Phonecall...

I had a wonderful conversation on the phone today...
Yes, on the phone...while calling leads.
Or should I say possible friends.

We were discussing how people in Network Marketing
are so into Social Media these days and networking online,

Which is's great to do the Social Media thing and

"Tweet on Twitter"
or make friends on

But what is missing?

You can wait for days, months even years before you ever really
connect with these people online. You may think you are connecting,
but how many people are really just wanting to build their own
business and prospect you?

People seem to forget about how to use the phone.
Yes, a phonecall is necessary to really connect.

Now in many cases I have met terrific people online...I have some
fantastic friends and truly think it's amazing.

But, remember if you are really trying to build a business you must
talk to people. Get to know them first online and then make the call.

Don't be afraid of picking up the phone!

The funny thing is, I was with a training group that encouraged you
to call leads all the time and I didn'

I was afraid of what the person might say on the other end...or maybe
I just didn't really know what to say...

It took me awhile to learn instead of calling people I kept
hoping and praying that if I kept meeting people online my business
would grow...

But how long would it take? Days, months, even years???

I was not prepared to wait that long...and I am sure you are not either.

So, what I am saying is pick up the phone...
The worst that can happen is the person says no or even hangs up on you...


Just go onto the next person and who knows you might even make a friend!
Call them like you were calling a friend not like another lead...
this will help you to feel more comfortable.

Tell you what, if you need practise I am more than willing to help.
It took me a long time to feel feel free to call me
or write.

I am here for you!


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