Sunday, October 18, 2009


Previously, I studied the colours of personalities.
Did you know that our personalities are represented by colours and more specifically the primary colours?


There are many shades of colours that are beautiful for decorating a room or adding pizzazz to a painting, but now we know that colours even describe our personalities.

If you are into colours like I am, you will find this very interesting...

Recently, I attended a seminar with Tom Schreiter in the big city of Toronto, Ontario.
It was terrific! He likes to explain the colours in relation to personalities, which is what I am basing this on.

I will explain it here briefly and how each colour can be helpful for a team.

YELLOW: The YELLOW personality type is the helper. They love helping others and are concerned about others. They are kind, nice and caring. The people who are generally a YELLOW personality are moms, teachers and nurses, for example. The YELLOW's are important for the team, because they will do the work and followup with any of the necessary business.

BLUE: The BLUE personality likes to have fun. They want to party, love to talk and like adventure. They talk, talk, talk, but don't generally listen. The BLUE's are important for your team, because they like meeting people and aren't worried about talking to anyone.

GREEN: The GREEN personality is more reserved and likes to focus on the facts. They want to know the details and are often numbers oriented. You could consider accountants, engineers, editors and lawyers to have a GREEN personality. They are great to have on your team, because they know the important details that others might leave out.

Last, but not least, is the colour RED!

RED: The RED personality likes the money. They want to know everything about the money. They are often a 'Type A' personality and might be considered bossy. They can be CEO's or business owners for example. The RED's are important on a team, because they can run the organization.

Although I love the colour BLUE, I would not consider myself a BLUE personality, because I am not a talker. I would be primarily a YELLOW, because I want to help others and used to be a teacher. I am also a touch GREEN, because I love details, like when editing.

What colour is your personality?

Feel free to share it! If you are not sure then base it on your TRUE personality at rest, not on a work basis.

If have any questions about how this can help your business, please contact me.


Jill Ann Bromwich

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