Monday, January 3, 2011

Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Do you know how to keep your new year's resolution? You may be surprised, but not many people even make a new year's resolution, let alone keep it. Although it may be difficult to make a new year's resolution, I recommend you do. If you do take the first step to make a resolution then don't stop there.

You just need to know how to keep your new year's resolution.

So, here are some tips to help you keep your new year's resolution...

First, decide what your new year's resolution will be. You may have many, but choose the most important one to you and focus on that one. This way you will have more motivation to actually keep it.

Second, once you have decided what your new year's resolution should be, write it down! By writing it down, this will help you to keep your new year's resolution. It is easy to say oh I am going to lose weight this year; or I am going to make lots of money this year; or I am going to spend more time with my family; or I am going to smile more this year. But to actually do it, is another story.

Third, once you have written it down, read it over and over again. Read it daily and even hang it up or frame it. This will help you to focus on it and remember it daily. It will make it real; not just something you hope will happen.

One suggestion is to buy a journal and write down your new year's resolution in it. You can write it down over and over again to help you remember it. Journals are also great for writing general things down that may just 'pop' into your mind that you don't want to forget.

*Then make your plan as to how you want to achieve this goal or resolution...

By just making a new year's resolution, this shows that you are looking toward your future and you have some kind of goal. It shows that you are not simply satisfied with the day to day routine and boredom. By making a new year's resolution you are showing that you want to better yourself.

This is important!

I believe everyone should want to better themselves and do something positive for their future. This shows determination and motivation.

It also shows you want to be successful.

A great resolution is to change your mind, change your attitude and change your outlook!

Expand your thoughts and grow your mind!

Happy New Year! To your success in 2011!
Jill Ann Bromwich

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