Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's NOT You!

So I wanted to write and let you know it's not you. You are not the reason that you may be failing in mlm. There are so many reasons why mlm is difficult. Think about the people at the top of these multi-million dollar organizations. Imagine how they do it. They have teams and friends that move with them from company to company, so of course they can make the money. The money that people talk about in mlm. There are very few people who are making the kind of money you believe you can make in mlm.

Now that being said, you CAN do it with help. You can do it with determination. You can do it with motivation. AND patience!! Lots of patience!!

Many people ACT like they are making it in mlm, but really it's a facade.
They are actually told to "ACT as IF and Go as THOUGH!"

This however is excellent advice.

Act as if you are making it and are successful and go as if you are! This will help to give you the right kind of mindset. Be positive!

Don't let the negative thoughts overcome you. Once the negative thoughts set in and take over, you are DONE!

So be positive and believe you can do it. Act as if you are doing it and you will...EVENTUALLY!

Here is some advice to help you succeed:
1. ASK for help!
2. Get support from your upline!
3. Don't take NO for an answer!
4. Choose a company that you believe in!
5. Research the company FIRST!
6. Choose a company with products that you can use!
7. Choose a company that has a relevant target market!
8. Choose a company with an EXCELLENT compensation plan!

I personally always believe a health company will work. However, there is much competition out there with health companies. So be choosy and make sure they have an excellent compensation plan.

Finally ASK for help! Ask for help! Ask for help!

Whether you need help with blogging, editing, choosing the right business or getting help with organizaton while working at home...etc. I can help so please feel free to ask.

Contact me at: 905-859-0340 or via skype: jillannbromwich

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