Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stupid or Not so Stupid?

Ask a Stupid Question & You will Get a Stupid Answer…Probably Not. Business | By: JillAnnBromwich

I enjoy helping others while working at home. So I help with anything from working online to editing and am always teaching. When I work with you I work with you. I will help you with whatever you need and will answer any question you have no matter how ’stupid’ you think it may be.

AND I will find out the answer for you if I am not 100% sure of it myself. I work with top marketers and have been trained from them. Speaking of which, they are some of the nicest people I have met.

If you are just starting out working online or even if you are a seasoned marketer, no question is ’stupid’ to me…

I will help you…

My husband once told me about a math teacher he had in highschool who made him feel ’stupid’ for asking a math question. Ever since then he has ‘hated’ math. To this day he gets upset with himself when he can’t figure out the answer. So we chatted about it and I found that it was due to this previous teacher who made him feel this way and totally NOT his fault. Could you imagine if the teacher answered the question nicely and professionally. My husband would feel so much better about math today.

Funny enough, now he is a Master Electrician and a Landscape Designer, both requiring lots of math.

Being a teacher myself I cannot imagine making someone feel this way. I don’t care how stupid the question is or if you have asked it ten times, I will answer it. I might remind you of the answer, but will always do it kindly. I would never treat my students that way. To this day when helping adults work online or when tutoring students I treat them with the respect they deserve.

So go ahead, ask me a ’stupid’ question or ask me it one hundred times…

I will help and you probably will NOT get a ’stupid’ answer!

Your Teacher and Friend,

Jill Ann Bromwich

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