Sunday, July 11, 2010

Balancing Work and Family-Part I

Balancing work and family life is important, however, it may not be as easy as it sounds. You have the benefits of being at home with your children, but how do you balance this with work and stay focused on what you are doing? Not only are you thinking of what you have to do next, but there is the dreaded chore of housework and meals to make. It takes a lot of self-discipline! You can manage your time in order to handle what distractions might come your way and have the best of both worlds, that of working at home without having a stressful commute. It sounds like the perfect solution.
Here are some tips for managing your time working at home and some ideas of how to do this. It is imperative that you plan ahead and write down your goals. Decide the best times of the day to work and balance these times with your family’s schedule. Your schedule may be different depending on whether you are an early bird or prefer to work at night when the children are in bed. You should have a designated work area and importantly, remember to take breaks so you will work more efficiently.

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