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Balancing Work and Family Part I and II

Balancing Work and Family-Part II
Business, Family | By: JillAnnBromwich

I previously wrote an article about managing your time while working at home. This seems to be difficult for many people when trying to work at home with family responsibilities as well.

So this here is part two to that article…
I have been working at home for about three years now ever since my son was born. In my opinion, it is the best thing that anyone could imagine! Why would you want to go out to work in that daily commute when you could be home with your family, while bringing in an extra income?

It may sound easy to be home, but it can become very challenging. How can you manage to build your business, while still being able to focus on the children?

I have found that you have to plan ahead. You must have things available for your child to do so that you can focus on your work, but you also need to separate work from family so that you spend quality time with them.

Decide what your priority is for the day. How much work needs to be done? Plan the number emails you will send out or the number of ads you need to post or the number of people you need to talk to per day. Once this is accomplished you can relax and spend quality time with your family, but how do you know the amount of work to be done in order to have a successful home business? It is recommended to do a minimum of five hours per week. To me this is not enough to be successful, however. I would suggest a minimum of ten to fifteen hours.
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