Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goals - a Poem from my Book

I wanted to share with you a poem about 'GOALs' from my new book..

This is a poem for the year ahead.

The end of the year is here,
It’s time to raise a cheer!
To all your friends and family
Who are so very dear.
What do you remember about the year gone by?
Was it a special time for you?
Or are you glad to start anew?
What are your goals for the year ahead?
Will you plan to get organized?
Or will you quit instead?
Goals are plans of action that
Keep you on your toes.
They help you to get organized with
All things in rows.
There must be goals in your life,
To keep your spirits strong.
Goals can be short if you prefer,
They don't have to be too long.
They should also be achievable
And not far out of reach.
So think about it, think you must...
Should your goals be about family
And something that you trust?
Or should they be about getting ahead
And getting out of the red?
Let's raise a cheer to everyone
For starting a new year.
Set a goal or even more...
One, two, three or four.
A winning year for all to see,
Goals will help your family!

Jill (author)

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