Monday, December 7, 2009

Being Productive During the Holidays

If you want to better your quality of life and spend more time with your family, then this is for you.

What are your plans for the new year? Have you planned your goals for the year to come?

Well, you should definitely take some time to make some plans and be sure to have them in writing. The plan should include how many hours per week you are going to spend on your business.

Here are some suggestions for building your business, while heading into the new year...and what to do over the holidays.

Being Productive!

If you usually spend at least ten to fifteen hours on your business per week or more that's terrific...

But, you might be wondering how to continue being productive, while getting ready for the holidays when you may not have as much time.

It is recommended to spend at least an hour or two on your business per week over the holidays. Although this may not even be possible, it does help to keep your business moving forward so that you can easily get it back up and running in the new year.

Whether it's one to two hours or ten to fifteen hours per week...this means being productive and doing things to help push your business forward.

This does not mean sorting papers and filing or cleaning off your desk. It also does not mean playing around on the Internet and chatting with friends.

*The hour or two should be a good solid hour of making calls or connecting with others about your business.

In an hour or two per week, however it may not be possible to do much, it is really just to keep some momentum going in your business. An hour or two of calls might be just enough time to pique some interest in your business, but there is much more to it than that, like following up with people.

Here is some advice from a friend and business colleague of mine, Kerry Pittington: "I think you should spend 80% of the allotted time in inviting and following up with people and 20% helping others."

By spending 80% of your time inviting and following up with people, whether it's an hour per week or fifteen hours per week you can definitely keep your business moving forward.

The time you spend helping others is important also to make sure they are plugged in or to answer any questions they may have. Helping others is essential to keep your business going and keep people motivated.

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