Thursday, January 14, 2010

Down to the Basics

Everyone out there tells you about SEO and CEO and what to do about your business.

But what about the basics?

What do you need to know to get your business going or get into gear when you are just starting out?

Are you looking for help from your upline, but need more support?

Well, I would like to help you with that...

Sometimes your upline thinks that you should do the work, contact them and do more work. You should find the leads on your own and let them know so they can do a three-way call with you or talk to your prospects to complete the signup.

But, does this work in theory? They don't help until you bring them people...but you need people first!

They tell you when you find someone they will help, but do they help you find people in the first place?

Often that is what is needed...

People are still told to go to their 'warm market' first (family and friends)...but what if you don't want to bother your family and friends?

Well, they tell you, if you think you are bothering your family and friends you don't understand the products or the business. You need more belief in the products or whatever is being offered.

So what can help with this?

As far as finding leads, there are many ways to go about it, which I will explain in the following blog.

But for now...let's talk about family and friends.

As far as family and friends, I have had my share of 'bothering them' They are used to me telling about my businesses, but they still do not completely understand.

I do not pressure them in anyway and have finally learned not to go to them anymore. Well, except my mom, she has been the ultimate in supporting me!

So, don't let your upline make you feel like you must be pushy or that you have to go to your 'warm market' at all!

But, if you choose to contact family and friends, do so in a round about way. Don't come right out and say, "Hey, join my business!"

Consider a more subtle approach, like:
"I just found out how to make an extra income while being home with the family."
"I was at the store today and realized how lucky I am to work at home."

Try listening to people and find out what their issues are, then try to help them...always look for ways to help others:
"I found out about a new drink that helped my friend lose weight..."
"I just found out about a wonderful skincare line that is natural too..."
"I tried this amazing chocolate that is a probiotic too..."
"I finally found a supportive system in my business, where I am not alone..."
"I found out how to make money at home, so I can spend more time with my family..."

Then let them start asking questions and open the door so you don't feel like you are bothering them, but that you are answering their questions.

Who knows, they just might be interested!

What I suggest is to do some of each, build your lists online and chat offline if you are comfortable with it.

As far as list building and acquiring leads, please stay tuned for my next blog!

If you have any questions about your business, or are looking for a good team, please feel free to write to me at: or


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