Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cell Phone Tips

Today, while Christmas shopping I had to buy a new battery charger for my cell phone. Unfortunately, the chargers have a habit of breaking quite easily, so you have to be careful with them. I finally found this out after years of having a cell after talking with the salesman, I know this.

The salesman told me a child probably broke it by pulling on it and then put it back so noone would notice it was broken. I told him that my son is only three years old and wouldn't do such a Actually, I am likely the one who did it, since I am always rushing around...

Anyhow, be sure not to pull out the charger by the cord or you could break it.

Who knew?? lol

I also found out that when you charge your phone, from the car that is, you should only leave it charging for up to three hours at the most. I have a tendency to just leave the charger plugged in, but apparently that's not a good idea, as it can destroy the battery. Some of you may already know this, but just in case it's a good tip.

I realized today how important it is to have a cell phone, not only for business purposes, but for emergencies! My husband is in the hospital and my son with the in-laws. So, I was much needed today and didn't have my phone charged! That is why I rushed to get a new charger and now I will take much better care not to break it!

I am also planning to change cell phone plans for business purposes....for details please ask!


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