Saturday, May 23, 2009

The 7 Deadly Sins

1. Relying on One Marketing Medium

- get to know your prospects

- be versatile with mediums

- be balanced don't just use one medium, use a variety

2. Expecting Tools to Do all the Work for You

- don't expect your web site to do all the work

- it cannot take the place of a live, personal relationship

3. Expecting Upline to Build your Business

- three-way calls may be helpful, but you don't want new people to think they have to always rely on their upline

- your sponsor can help you develop and identify your skills

- your upline can help you with challenges, but don't expect them to always be there

4. Overloading with Too Much Information

- when you overload, you're overwhelming

- listen to the prospect's needs, take notes and repeat back to them

- be natural, don't just make presentation

5. Stuck in Show and Tell Mode

- make a dialogue, not a monologue

- be natural, don't make it sound like a presentation

- your underlying thought should focus on your prospect's needs

6. Not Following Up

- don't let people fall through the cracks

- even though someone says no now, they may say yes in the future

- keep notes so you can followup

- show compassion

7. Having too many prospects

- if you don't get results you might think you need more prospects, but quantity doesn't mean quality

- you need a variety of mechanisms to do a quality job

- it is better to focus on one person well than many prospects and lose track of them

- reach out to your target market and find out what they really want

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