Saturday, September 4, 2010

A SCAM or not a SCAM? by Jill Ann Bromwich

A scam can happen to anyone. So be aware!

Imagine a young, single mom at home with her babies, trying to make ends meet. Or a family with little or no opportunity to get ahead. On the other hand imagine a mom who just wants to stay home with her children so she doesn't have to send them to be minded by a stranger or have to pay for the high daycare costs. She can be persuaded by a scam.

Then again imagine a motivated person trying to do everything in his/her power to make it big or a highly educated human being with the get up and go to get ahead!

Does this sound like someone you know or even you?

There are many SCAMS out there and anyone can be fooled by them, no matter how smart they are. These "SCAMMERS" are good! They know how to get to you and even take advantage of your hopes and dreams to "MAKE it BIG" in today's world. These "SCAMMERS" know how to do it, they are very sly, incredibly nice and try to offer you the world.

If it has happened to you please be sure to take action. Believe it or not it has even happened to me. I have been "SCAMMED" by these so-called "GET RICH" schemes. Not because I am stupid, but because I LOVE my family and want to give them a good life; the best that life has to offer...

AND these "SCAMMERS" know how to get to you...

I have been in network marketing now for over six years. Partly because I have chosen to be home with my son while he is growing up and to take care of him without sending him to a stranger. Also, because I want to give my family the BEST that life has to offer while being at home.

So through many trials and tribulations I have actually found something that is profitable, honest, trustworthy and even FUN! I won't lie to you though and say it's easy...

It takes work and dedication just like anything out there.

...AND I do know that others can't build your business for you, but when they SAY that they will build it and you don't have to unless you choose to then THAT is what they should stand by!! AND I DON'T mean paying you $1 for it...(ooops got a little off track there...)

So yes, I may be gullable and yes I may be foolish sometimes to think that I could actually be successful on the Internet...(as I have been told), but I am doing it, will do it and will NOT let anyone stand in my way!

Including the "SCAMMERS" out there.

If you are in any of the positions above or need help with your business or are looking for something honest and lucrative PLEASE contact me...
I have been through it all.

But NOW I can honestly say that I have found something fantastic. It takes time and dedication just like anything in life, but I will help you.

I will coach you all the way and hold you by the hand if necessary, but you MUST meet me half way. Treat it like a business and it will happen! There is no SCAM here just a group of online marketers, who are experts in many different areas...who WANT to help!

Whether you have zero Internet experience or are and avid network marketer. OR even if you have a business and just need to a presence on the Internet, but don't have the time to focus on it, we will take care of it for you!

Get in touch with me and I will lead you in the right direction. Coaching is the way to go, no matter what your situation. I am here to help and have the support of a dedicated team! So please take advantage of the free basic coaching program here:


Jill Ann Bromwich
skype: jillannbromwich

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