Thursday, June 18, 2009

Have you Branded Yourself Yet?

Hey, have you started working on your site? Have you started branding yourself yet? If not, it should definitely be on your 'to do' list.

Do you have a site that is offered by the company you work for? Think about it, if you are working for yourself in a home based business, you should have a personal site about you.

Not just about your products. That's not really about you is it? It's about the organization you work for!

I learned it is important to set yourself apart from everyone else, try not to appear like all the others.

What do you have that is different?
Why would others be attracted to you?
What makes you laugh?

This is a great place to begin to brand yourself and start your personal site.


  1. I so totally agree that you need to have a site of your own. Actually it was the reverse for me. I started a site of my own and then became part of company that is taking the world by storm. My site was given to me free, I have a new email for free and I still have my other site. I like that I do not have to be a webmaster on the biz site and I am allowed to link that site to my personal site! My personal site allows me to continue with my mission and goals that I prepared and am meeting.

    To your success and may it be sweet and healthy!

  2. I am glad you agree. Having a personal site is essential to your success! The chocolate sounds like a good idea too...Jill